Muscular Intelligence is an answer to today’s lack of useful advice for personal trainers. An information business that gives the rising stars in the fitness world the tools they need to become world-class at what they do.

With the information that I am teaching here at Muscular Intelligence, students of the craft will become masters of the craft. Be able to earn more money, design better programs, keep themselves in decent shape, and create a career that empowers them.

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The company was founded by Amir Siddiqui.


My name is Amir Siddiqui and I can show you everything you need to know to become a world-class personal trainer. It isn’t easy, but it is doable. I know that because I have done it.

Here’s why you should listen to me:  

– My success comes from the real-world, and not from the online world. Online success has more to do with marketing propaganda and image-management. In the real-world, you need to deliver real results. I always tell my students and coaches that if you want to be legit, you need incredible offline success FIRST, then go online. 

– My experiences and story are unparalleled. An immigrants child I grew up at a class level just above poverty; no privileges. My father died when I was 15 so college was out of the question – we barely  had enough to pay the food bills. It was 14 that my dad had gifted me his crappy and rusty dumb-bells (his cancer took his health) –  and Im glad he did. Without going into the longer story, today my business makes well over 1 million U.S dollars per year. And not one dollar is made online; its all made on the gym floor. 

– Due to having worked DIRECTLY with over 2,000 people (we do not do group classes at my training studios) I’ve dealt with every and any problem you can imagine. I’ve gotten results with every type of human being possible. I can solve any problem in fitness if there is a solution at all. 

– Ive hired and fired dozens upon dozens of coaches and when I find a gem, I create a diamond. Half a dozen of my best coaches are now gym owners, and the ones that didn’t want their own businesses are all making 6 figure salaries. With waiting lists of clients who want to hire them and only them. I can accelerate your career to match theirs if you have what it takes.  

From all that now I have started something new: Muscular Intelligence.

Muscular Intelligence is all about teaching personal trainers how to become leaders in their industry, so they can make more money, improve their skills, and live the life they want to live.

If you’re a personal trainer and you don’t want to be “just average,” then this is the right place for you. I’m giving away trenches-tested advice (worth it’s weight in gold as you will see) on the high integrity way to succeed as a trainer, taken from my many years of experience. I have had major wins and losses, and you will learn from both.

I believe you can be world-class. You just need the right information and the right direction. You can earn a decent living as a personal trainer, you can deliver consistent results to your clients, and you can build a lifestyle that you’ll love, and a reputation that you can be proud of. And I can show you how to do it.


Here’s the truth: it takes work and time to reach the top 10% of experts in your field, and especially in the fitness field.

But what is truly annoying (and saddening) is how much time you will end up wasting getting there without a mentor guiding you. I know because I did.

What I can do for you is to make sure you read the most effective and important books, cultivate and hone your skills of coaching and programming, and dramatically enhance your client communication quality.

If you truly have what it takes, and combined with my help, you will have the success only a few have ever achieved, but everyone is trying to.

The first step is to subscribe to my email list and make sure you don’t miss the gems I pass along. Secondly, read the blog. Thirdly, put what you learn into action. By doing this your career will progress in light years while your competition stalls at the speed of in-action; I’ll see you on the other side.